We, Anthony and Ben, are two French composite materials engineers. We have worked in the aerospace and in the cycling industries. As riders and bikes lovers, we can’t deny that mountain and road bikes have been continuously improving. Isn’t it weird that brake pads have not improved for 10 years ?

It's now over.

AMP brake pads are manufactured in a high technology factory providing to our workers good working conditions. This is also the best way to offer you the best products possible.

Recycling process.

We also care about nature. That’s exactly why we are currently working on improving composite materials recycling process alongside our French recycling network. We keep track of our waste and will give a second lease of life to them.

We strive to reduce as much as possible useless packaging: your pads come in a minimalist and recycled packaging.

How to send your worn-out pads back ?​

Your pads come from our website

Please contact us through the contact form to know the way to send us your pads back.

Your pads come from your local bike shop

Just bring them back to your local bike shop. They know what to do with them.

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