Formula - AMP Carbone Brake Pads

De luxe brake pads.

Less vibrations, noise & weight.

True braking power.


–┬áBetter heat flow: ride faster without heating.

– Better vibrations properties: ride in silence.

– 25% lighter than traditional pads (14.8g)

– Works with every discs*. If you switch the pads material (for example, if you switch from resin pads to metallic pads), we highly recommend you to change your discs.


More information on our Philosophy.

Sold by pair. Spring included.

*some discs are “Resin pads only”. Do not use any other material on them.

Weight 20 g
Dimensions 15 × 5 × 1.5 cm


– Formula Cura 2 pistons

– Formula Mega

– Formula The One

– Formula R0

– Formula┬áR1

– Formula┬áRX

– Formula┬áRR1

– Formula┬áT1

– Formula┬áC1

Non compatibles avec les freins Formula 4 pistons.

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