We stand behind our products. We also stand behind riders who trust our products.

Should you be in trouble with your brake pads, we will investigate the problem with you and replace the pads if we believe they are the problem.

We will also replace at our own expense every product showing a manufacturing defect. This defect will be appreciated by our customer service. Only the customer service can decide whether the warranty can be applied or not. Our warranty is transferable to the following owners in case of re-selling.

Our warranty does not cover damages resulting from:

  • Bad product assembly (non-compatible brake assembly, incomplete assembly, or every other incorrect assembly).

  • Falls (voluntary or not).

  • The bicycle transportation.

  • Normal wear (including damages caused by materials fatigue).

  • Abusive use (beyond normal uses defined by AMP).

  • Insufficient maintenance or user carelessness.

  • Product uses even though the product was already damaged.

  • Intentional fault or third-party fault.

  • Uses not compliant with usual security technics and norms.

  • Modified products.

If a product is under warranty within the document in question strict conditions, we commit to repair or replace at our own expense AMP products. They will be replaced by identical or corresponding products.

The warranty does not cover transportation fees related to the warranty execution nor fees related to handling and assembly of replacement parts.

Products replacement does not suspend nor renew original warranty duration. All of the repaired or replaced parts will benefit from a warranty duration starting at the purchasing date.

To execute your AMP warranty, please get in touch through the Contact Us form.

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