Podium pads bring the AMP performance to everyone.

From your average sunday ride to the race of a lifetime.

Bang for your buck.

Our Podium pads take advantage of the latest thermal barriers technologies.

Designed in France.

Ceramic Coating for the Win.

Our 8-layers WinShield™ proprietary Polymer Ceramic Coating allows a 15% temperature reduction of the contact surface between the pads and the caliper as well as rapid cooling when the brakes are released.

Less heat transferred to the caliper equals to better braking feeling, better control & better speed. Standing on the Podium is all about details.

Race Against the Machine.

Our pads have been thoroughly tested on a braking bench first where they have endured extreme braking conditions.

Then, our sponsored riders have ridden them and have provided feedback until they were completely satisfied with how the pads ride.

Thorough R&D provide our pads with instant power and total control.

Available in Organic or Metallic compounds

Your Podium brake pads completely fit your riding style.

Organic Podium pads allow a quick bedding-in and their softer friction material offers a great and usually quieter biting performance.

Metallic Podium pads are meant to be ridden at a higher temperature to give their full potential. Long lifespan and extreme stopping power.

The latest technology right on your bike

Ceramic Coatings are being more and more used in the Aerospace and the Automotive industries.

Supercars and Hypercars exhausts are coated to prevent the overheating of the parts nearby.

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