Hope E4 – Podium Brake Pads

The AMP performance available from

Road Cycling to Downhill Mountain Bikes.

From 20.00 

Podium Brake Pads.
Their steel backplate is painted with 8 layers (30µm) of WinShield™ Ceramic Coating which keeps the braking heat from dissipating into the caliper, thus improving the overall braking performance by 10%.
Available in Organic and Metallic (Sintered) compounds.



– Hope E4

– Hope M4

– Hope RX4+

– Hope RX4 Shimano

Not compatible with Hope RX4 SRAM (Dot).


We offer two compounds:

Organic: Suitable for soft riding. Quick bedding in.

Metallic: Made to last. This compound gives his best when ridden at high temperature. Perfect for long runs and powerful braking.

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